Transform with the Eclipse 

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions Weekend Reading Lunar Eclipse in Leo
We are starting to integrate a new growth period with creative vision. Which is spot on for this Leo Full Moon eclipse. This brings energy and action and a desire to rush forward, although there’s no need to rush as this Lunar Eclipse along with the Solar Eclipse on the 28th of February will remain active until the next Lunar Eclipse on the 7th of August. The energy is scattered at the moment with so much newness, so it is best to find ways to bring calm and focus to your mind. We’re also clearing away the excess emotional baggage from the last six months. So there’s this old vs new all happening at the same time which can be an emotional tug of war as you set your true priorities. This Lunar Eclipse highlights all relationship dynamics: partners, friends, family, home and work. Their may be some disagreements as you move forward but also a sense of freedom of fear as you are more aware of who you are. You’re taking responsibility for yourself, your choices and respecting yourself. This really is a time of completion of a cycle and you’re transforming into the next, let go of the past and unleash your potential. Reconciliation and forgiveness within all types of relationships is available for all. If you’re looking for romance it may be coming soon, as many souls are moving towards each other with magnetic attraction this year. Many full moon blessings to you all! Enjoy this time as the coming months ahead are very optimistic! – Kat ❤✨♌️🌝xx


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