Acknowledge, Accept and Release 

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions Tarot & Astrology Weekend Reading 
With three planets Retrograde (Venus, Saturn & Jupiter) and Mercury on its way is it indeed a period of inner contemplation. To rethink and reassess how you are going. A reality check on how your past efforts have worked out so far? Does anything need to be changed? Use the Moon in Virgo to help you to be analytical and organised. The Daughter of Wands assists in being creative and visionary and possibly taking a chance to go in a new direction. There are chances for new opportunities in love and how to keep an existing relationship alive and exciting. Venus goes direct on the 15th of April so if it’s a new romance personally I would wait until then. As Venus Retrograde, conjunct Chiron comes to an exact square with Saturn Retrograde on the 8th and 9th we are releasing the old traumas and hurts and healing them at the same time. There’s a problem that needs to be resolved, so it’s time to analyse this with logic, truth and mental clarity. Don’t carry bitterness and disillusionment from the past, acknowledge, accept and let it go otherwise you may not be able to move forward. On the 9th the Moon will make a brief meeting squaring Saturn which will help bring the truth to the light. Then when we have the Super Full Mon in Libra on the 11th it will be making a trine to Pluto helping you to let go and to transform situations and emotions mainly to do with relationships. Yes a big few days indeed! Enjoy your weekend, may or be filled with love and light! – Kat ❤✨xx 

PS I’m in Australia so the dates may be one day prior if you’re overseas 


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