Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions Tarot & Astrology 6/4
It’s like we’re doing a dance backwards and forwards with a side step here and there. Persistence and perseverance, strength and confidence to continue with your journey. Mars trine Pluto is exact today, yes it’s a slow and steady path but as long as your goals are clear this will all pay off in the end. Sometimes I can’t believe how in tune the tarot is with astrology and the collective consciousness! Saturn is now retrograde at 27 degrees at the galactic centre which opens the subconscious mind and helps us to release old emotional wounds and traumas. This is amazing as it also squares Venus Retrograde who is conjunct Chiron the healer. This is an internal shift as you may be remembering past hurts, emotional pain or bad relationship experiences and developing strength through self awareness and you’re now ready for healing and forgiveness of your self and others as you are ready to now move on from these experiences. You’re nearing wholeness as you take responsibility for yourself, coming to terms with yourself, your sense of individual value and how you relate to others. Sending you all much love and light! – Kat ❤✨xx


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