Truth, Focus and Goals

Kat’s Crystal IntuitionsCOTD & Astrology 5/4
Mars trine Pluto is the energy of the day, slow and steady working with your ambitions and goals. In the positive you’ve learnt from your mistakes, taken stock of your limitations and gained new abilities. Draw on this insight to move forward without arrogance and vanity. On the harder side of things there may be issues around power or an internal struggle that need to be addressed. Such internal conflict is resulting in scattered energy and a loss of focus externally as you’re focussing on many other distractions. The mind is leading you down the garden path until you actually get lost and that’s not the best feeling. Did you contemplate being ‘whole’ yesterday? Check in with yourself, speak from your authentic voice and get to the truth, the heart of the matter. Write it out – What do you know to be true about yourself? Bring yourself back into balance and utilise your throat chakra; read, write, sing or teach. If you’re into crystals my favourite go to for the throat chakra is Blue Lace Agate, wear it around your neck, lie down and meditate with a piece on your throat chakra, or simply meditate and hold a piece of it. To help slow down scattered energies meditate, colour in, do some gardening or whatever else helps you calm your mind. Address any issues you have so that you can then move forward and achieve your ambitions and goals. Sending you all love and light! – Kat ❤✨xx


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