Move Forward with Confidence!

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions COTD 29/3
How was your New Moon? Did you write your wishes/intentions down? It’s been three years today since I completed the Intuitive Soul Readers course with Cheryl Lee Harnish, so I thought I would use her cards today: Divine Guidance, Path of the Soul and Return of Spirit. 
You have awoken to your inner abilities, powers and gifts. Giving you a unique perspective of your own and others lives. You can see the energetic pattern of past decisions (good and bad) and where they have/will lead you. Utilise these gifts to help empower others, this enables you to offer sound counsel to others and to lead your own life in the right direction with your abilities to find creative solutions. Renewal of your heart, mind and spirit means your connection to Source is stronger than it has ever been. Trust in it, flow in it and shine in it! Your time has come – and it is NOW! This is a time of manifesting your highest will, a time of hope, wishes and dreams coming true. The true greatness of who you are is ready to express itself fully. Move forward with confidence, strength and courage. Sending you all love and light! – Kat ❤✨xx


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