Weekend Reading: Expand and Contemplate 

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions Weekend Reading March 2017
We have the same cards as yesterday plus Seven of Pentacles! Leading up to the New Moon on the 28th in Aries of course we have the start of New Beginnings! But right now we are in a period of contemplation of where we have been. Has it all been worth it so far? Is there something you would do differently? Today we have Pluto square Mercury and Mercury opposite Jupiter Retrograde which can lead to obsessive, deep thinking but can also open the mind to new ideas and concepts. This is very helpful if you can keep an open mind as you question your own plans, ideas and beliefs which will lead to positive transformation. As we move further into the weekend Saturn sextile Moon will assist you in taking control of your emotions. Even more exciting is that Venus hits her star point, conjunction with the Sun at 4 degrees Aries and changes from evening star to morning star again our chance to change perspective and to be more free spirited. The Empress again is about being compassionate and nurturing to yourself and others. Get creative, get ready to expand and start thinking about your New Moon wishes. Abundance is all around just not always so obvious! Have a wonderful, magical weekend filled with love and light! – Kat ❤✨xx


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