Vitality and Clarity 

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions COTD 7/3/17
The Sun is cazimi Mercury today! Which means that Mercury is in the heart of the Sun and something that we all need at the moment. The Sun is our life force, it shines its light on the darkness and helps us all grow. When the spotlight is on you, you can feel expansion in your self-confidence, sometimes this can feel uncomfortable yet you realise that this is for your greater wellbeing. So there is vitality in the air today and the Sun may shine onto something that you are trying to hide, not feel or that you’re at a point where you’re unwilling to make a choice. With the Sun cazimi Mercury your perceptions and thoughts are clear and supercharged making it hard to deny your feelings or to pretend one thing while feeling another. Soak up the life force today, spend some time outside as you get clear about what you need to do. Shine under that spotlight, gather your confidence and decide to move forward while being true to yourself! 

Sending you all love and light (an extra dose today!) – Kat ❤✨🌞xx


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