Balance and Expression 

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions COTD 6/3/17
Hopefully you’re now a bit clearer about where you are heading in your journey and if not you will get there. Mercury has moved on from Neptune yet there may still be some foggy thinking, Mercury and the Sun are conjunct today so expect your thoughts to become clearer. This may be handy with Venus now Retrograde in Aries as we turn inwardly to examine our thoughts and feelings towards relationships and the role that we play in relationships. Make sure that their is balance with giving and receiving and harmony within your relationships rather than possible power plays like domination and submission (unless you like it that way?). It’s time to be proud and determined as you’re entering a stage of knowing what you want and can see the path needed to get there. Uranus square the Moon in Gemini will challenge you as you may feel a very upbeat magnetic and electric energy that needs expression! How will you channel or express that energy today? 

Sending you all love and light! – Kat ❤✨⚡️xx


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