Lighten the Load

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions Weekend Reading March 2017
Are you resisting the change that you want? With such a watchful eye you’re normally quite honest and insightful yet this can also lead to being critical, judgemental and spiteful. Have you observed others for so long that you feel others are doing the same to you putting you in a state of analysis paralysis. Maybe you’re weary from this journey and doubt and fear are creeping in, don’t give up you’re nearly there! Look at how far you have come and pat yourself on the back. The rewards are coming soon for all your hard work. Let go of any bitterness or disillusionment from the past as this is also holding you back from moving forward. Yes the brain may be feeling a little fuzzy so use the Mars Uranus conjunction in Aries opposite Jupiter to allow yourself the action of freedom and learning from past mistakes to let it all go. To move forward you must lighten the load. Have a fantastic weekend, look within for the answers. Sending you all love and light- Kat ❤✨🦋xx


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