Desire and Vision 

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions COTD plus Astrology 27/2/17
Completion! Yes that’s where we are at and there’s a lot of ‘feel good vibes’ in the air with the Sun being exalted in Pisces. You may fee like celebrating as all your creative labours come to fruition. The Mother of Wands carries traits of both the elements of Fire and Water : strength, sensitivity and awareness. Astrologically this card is perfect for what’s going on in the skies! Desire and Vision of what you now want to move towards is much clearer, listen to any insights that come to you during this time. Many may say that with four planets in Pisces that we may be off with the pixies, but teamed with three planets in Aries, I’d say that’s a nice balance of inspiration giving you the motivation to action those dreams/goals and ambitions. With Mars conjunct Uranus we can feel assertive and driven as we break away from the past with a fresh new outlook on how we go about doing things. Opposite Jupiter (Retrograde) this aids to learning from the past for an internal shift/expansion, our challenge is to bring this internal shift to the outer world. Mercury in Pisces may want you to just keep on dreaming internally but what good does that do for you and others if you don’t express yourself? Feel the freedom, go with the flow of your heart. Some alone time and grounding may be essential – go for a walk, swim or a shower meditation as you wash away the old and welcome the New may be a nice way to have your own small celebration or a swim in the sea. Get creative, paint, draw, make music, listen to music or dance. Let yourself be free! Sending you all much love and light! – Kat ❤✨🦋xx


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