Reality Check….

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions COTD 22/2
Today is all about balance, co-operation and using your intuition. It’s a 22 master day which also means there’s 4 times the energy, 4 times the power and 4 times the responsibility. So there’s a lot of energy around today leading up to the New Moon Solar Eclipse and today we also have a Mars square Pluto transit! It’s time for a reality check indeed. We are somewhat having the wool pulled over our eyes and truths are being revealed. This of course is happening within the media as we look to the bigger picture and may be occurring also closer to home. Their is a power struggle going on, betrayal and turmoil that’s sometimes real and sometimes causing irrational fear. It’s all about our personal perception of the quality surrounding the world and how we experience it ourselves. We require action for transformation which may mean decisions and taking personal responsibility for our choices. Do we let go? Or hold on in fear? In all honesty be passionate, strive for success in your life in a careful manner today and watch out for aggression and confrontations. Sending you all love and light! – Kat ❤✨xx


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