Decisions and the Lunar Eclipse 

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions COTD 8/2/17
The darkest hour comes just before dawn. Has anyone had a night of tossing and turning? Did you manage to come to a decision yesterday or are things still weighing heavily on your mind? Are you worried about your future and the path you’re heading down? Can you even see the path? We toss and turn when we are worrying or feeling guilty, when we’re overwhelmed by our emotions. We feel vulnerable and just like yesterday we are being asked to use our logic and to be honest about our emotions and work with them constructively. It may be that it’s time to refocus on your goals and give them a little tweak here and there, which can make all the difference. The teacher appears when the student is ready. Clinging to old ways and being unwilling to adapt is keeping you stuck and unable to make the changes necessary that will improve your life. We are getting closer to the Full Moon (Lunar) Eclipse in Leo (11/2) so the energies can feel intense for some as it is a time of decision making, major shifts in consciousness and can shine a spotlight on the pathway of your life. So if you feel like you can’t see that path at the moment by the end of the weekend you should have a clearer view. Lunar eclipses deal with the emotional and internal issues, pondering the problems of life and can create shifts in emotional perceptions, often around relationships. If things start feeling too frazzled go for a swim at the beach or a pool, take a relaxing bath or shower. Use your salt lamps, ground yourself and meditation can definitely help at these times. Enjoy your day filled

with love and light! – Kat ❤✨


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