Enjoy the Jupiter Retrograde…

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions COTD 6/2/17
Lucky planet Jupiter goes retrograde later today in Libra for approximately the next four month. Yes it’s time to review things to do with Libra: justice and fairness, relationships, balance and beauty. So review, reflect,

rebalance and look for the rewards that Jupiter brings. Be aware of your thoughts and your thoughts towards yourself as you move forwards with determination to achieve your goals. Are you being positive towards yourself or is there a sense of guilt? Jupiter is expansive and the road your are on is leading towards success! So grow through this time (get rid of the negative thinking), be generous with your wisdom and your prosperity and of course if you are a recipient of someone else’s generosity accept with grace and put the resources to good use. Have a wonderful day filled with love and light! – Kat ❤✨xx


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