Stay cool, calm and collected this Weekend….

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions Weekend Reading – Fri/Sat/Sun
Well the cards are really reflecting what’s happening in the skies! This has been the theme nearly all week. With Mars and Uranus in Aries the Moon moving out of Aries later today (then moving into Taurus) and tomorrow Venus moves into her place of detriment in Aries well theirs a whole lot of hot air around! This really is a battle of wills that you are ready for, although they may not necessarily be the challenges you want. Be honest about your needs and desires and look at all the facts logically. Open your eyes as you cut through the illusions, watch your words as they are powerful. Is the situation something you know to avoid? Is the situation a power game or are you hitting the self-destruct button? Watch for blowing things out of proportion so try and stay grounded and approach things in a cool, calm and collected manner. Their may be some extraordinary revelations that will enlighten the situation. Question your self interest and watch out for self-importance tomorrow as Venus moves into Aries. Hopefully the Taurus Moon will help ground things a little bit more over the weekend but may also give out that stubborn streak. So use your logic as you work out the best way to deal with your challenges and don’t let emotional fears swamp you. Stay strong bright stars! Sending you all love and light – Kat ❤✨xx


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