More balance and grounding….

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions Card of the Day 25/1/17
Yesterday the message was to temper our lives to bring it back into balance and today is no different. The Vulture appears when there’s a situation that needs to be purified or brought back into balance! So when things are out of balance things can be dramatic and aggressive, a lot of hot air! Things need to be brought back down to earth to help bring the clarity and wisdom of the Vulture and this is what the Turtle is trying to do. Ground yourself and look within to your story, to the deeper truths of life. You may find it helpful to clear your space, de-clutter and sage. The Turtle energy also assists in closing of the other chapters in the book and to start a new adventure that tells your own true tale. Turtle is peaceful, adventurous and productive. Enjoy your day! Love and light – Kat ❤✨🐢 xx


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