Speak your Truth, Live Your Truth

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions Card of the Day 23/1/17
Life is a precious gift even with all the bumps in the road. The challenges and hardships we face from time to time is an opportunity for upliftment. Just as we are following our star, look to the road ahead trusting what is to come and being fully present and grounded. The Black Egg contains one of life’s essential treasures – truth. There is no confusion, excuses, small talk, noise or lies. When this essence is in balance we speak slowly and clearly. We are drawn to activities like reading, writing, teaching, singing or even public speaking. The concept of truth draws us in and we start to ask questions like; What do I know to be true about myself? What is true about the world? If this is not in balance or the energy is not accessed as yet, we can fall into gossip or say things others want to hear and speak from an unsure place. The energy of the Black Egg hovers and waits for us to reconnect. It is available at every moment, in every situation. It’s the epicentre of truth, the birthplace of our voice. Speak your truth, live your truth! Much love and light to you all! – Kat ❤✨xx


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