Time to remove the mask….

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions Card of the Day 18/1/17
Creativity is still in play today, as you seek further questions on your quest for knowledge and awakening from the slumber you may question your self image. The mask that you wear – is it actually you? Sometimes an artist (well this could apply to all really) wears a mask or uses a stage name that works in their favour yet the shadow side points to unresolved issues in confidence and self-limiting beliefs. This can limit a persons creativity as they’re trying to fulfil expectations from themselves and others. The Shark card comes as further indication that something big needs to be exposed as their is tension inside from wearing such a ‘mask’. Yes it’s tempting to run around and pretend nothing is wrong but it doesn’t dissolve the feelings inside. It’s time to be honest with ourselves and it’s time to totally be ‘ourselves’. If you’re an artist/creative person maybe today is the day for some art therapy? Grab the pencil or paintbrush, whatever may be your tool for your trade and get it all out and work through the process. It’s time to reveal your true nature and desires. Sending you all love and light – Kat ❤✨


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