The Energy….

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions Card of the Day 19/1/17
The tension is still around today as Mars in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius and eases off on the 21st of January. I’m in Australia but their is a collective unease in the lead up to the presidential inauguration in the USA. The Earthworm also reflects this as it indicates a novice working to establish confidence in a new field, this may also be you in your personal life as you step towards new beginnings in a different field. Remember everyone was a novice at one stage and to not be intimidated or to loose hope, mastery takes time and you are on the right track. Even though today and tomorrow may be challenging in one way or another, we are all still being looked after by nurturing feminine earth energy represented by the Deer. The Deer is loving, nurturing and intuitive and appears when a birth or a celebration of new life draws near……or when a situation calls for absolute gentleness and compassion. To help with this tension, discomfort and unease get out in nature and reconnect with the Earth, get grounded, balanced and clear. Know what is your energy and what belongs to others so you do not take on other people’s dramas. Be kind and compassionate and if you need to speak out do so. Sending you all much love and light – Kat ❤✨🌈 xx


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