Awakening to the Divine 

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions Card of the Day 16/1/17
The Bear goes into hibernation and awakens from a deep slumber to explore a new world. He may stumble at first, adjusting to a new but innate way of life. We are still at the beginning of awakening, if you’re in the flow and balanced then there will be a yearning to grow and blossom. If out of balance then there will still be a feeling of tiredness and lethargy. To get back into a state of equilibrium you need to move about more, exercise, dance, go for a bike ride, get that heart going. 
You may doubt this new path of awakening, you might think that it’s not realistic. You may still be rubbing the sleep from your eyes and thinking that it’s all just a dream…… or is it? The Unicorn card appears and ‘wakes us up’ to the curiosity of life, the higher self and the divine. It is a card of questioning, exploring and contemplating the inexplicable. There’s a deeper dimension to our experience beyond day to day life. It’s about reconnecting to your higher wisdom and divinity, utilise your minds eye on your quest for answers. Have a fantastic day filled with love and light – Kat 💜✨xx


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