2017 Card of the Day – Wanting to move forward….

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions Card of the Day 9/1/17
All planets are now direct, this you might feel as a burning energy to get things going! The Bat comes to us today to signify the ending of a chapter, the closing of a door. The Bat comes swiftly and encourages us to move on and to not linger in the past. It’s time to accept life as it is and to adapt and adjust to how you would like your life to be. You may find that with making these new changes in your life that others may not be so fluid in accepting them. This may cause others to flare up without warning, watch out for gossiping and blaming. As the Bat asks us to let go you may also find this a difficult process as the Fire Ant can indicate yourself ‘stewing’ on a person or situation which can make things worse. So look at how you can break free from the drama and cool down. Take some time out for yourself, go for a walk at night and watch the sunset or even get up early and watch the sunrise and embrace the new day and your new beginnings. 

Sending you all peace, love and light – Kat ☮️💜✨xx


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