Clearing and breathing 

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions January 6th – 8th 2017
How has everyone been? I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! Wow it all started off with a bang and then has somewhat slowed again. We are still dealing with the lap-over energy from the 9 year into the 1

of our new beginnings. There’s most likely some loose ties that need tidying up. I’m working with a new deck ‘The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit’ by Kim Krans. Such a beautifully illustrated deck, nice size and wonderful box that it comes in. 

So our reading for the Friday and into the first weekend reveals exactly what I’ve just been saying! The Vulture appears when there is a situation that needs to be purified and brought back into balance. When out of balance things become messy, dramatic and sometimes aggressive. This may be a physical need to clear up your space or the mental clutter. You can do some space clearing ie. sage, incense, singing bowls or opening the windows and playing your favourite music. If it’s the mental clutter it may be time to clear the air with someone or journal and write it all down. There may be a need for some selfless service or some type of physical labor which may just be a good jump around/aerobic exercise or a jog, to get those endorphins happy and going again. Be in the present moment, sit down and find your breath (lols after or before being physically active), enjoy your space and what you’ve achieved. Enjoy nourishing your body with healthy food and let everything nourish your spirit! Have a fantastic weekend filled with love and light! ❤✨Kat xx


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