Astrology with this weeks Super Full Moon in Gemini 

Astrology Aspects this Week of the Super Full Moon 
The moon is entering Gemini today and is in its balsamic phase; this is where we get to reflect on where you have been and where it is you want to go? What are your dreams/intentions for next year? What would you do differently from this year? The Sun will be squaring Chiron as well which may highlight your fears and insecurities, perceived failings and any unresolved issues about your sense of purpose within this world. Try not to fall into a place where you are giving yourself a hard time about your life or past decisions you may have made. Simply recognise and acknowledge what comes up for you, know that you are making your choices in life to the best of your ability at the/this time.


Yes we are coming close to the end of this year! Phew! It’s been a doozey and you may be feeling the urge for it all too just ‘hurry up’ and be done with it. Yet it’s no time to rest on our laurels or go into holiday mode just yet. That freedom is coming; don’t try to cut corners at work, stick within the boundaries for now. By doing so may give you the lucky break you need. 
Squaring the Super Full Moon is lovely Neptune in Pisces, our analytical minds will be challenged by our dreams that we want to bring to life with the whys? What’s? When’s and how’s? In all honesty you do not need to know all of these answers just yet. They will unfold for you just like a seed that grows into a beautiful flower. Enjoy this last Super Full Moon for 2016 and know that next year will be much brighter! Keep smiling – Kat xx ❤


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