Take Charge of Your Life 

Crystal Intuitions Weekend Reading 17/6
As Mars is getting ready to go direct in a fortnight you may find yourself becoming more motivated for action and exercise and re-examining your health and diet. You may find yourself ready to let go of any bad habits that have crept back into your life. You’ve reached a point where you can stand up for your own beliefs and make decisions based on what you want, rather then what others assume is right for you. You are the creator of your life, you are in charge of where you want to go. So where is it that you want to go? There may be an urge to rush into things, however there’s a need to examine the ‘why’s, what and how’s’. Write down a list of what makes you feel self-assured and confident and another list of what makes you wobble like jelly. For example ‘I want …., I have passion for …., My current goal is …., I feel confident when ….. And the other list may start off like: ‘ I dislike …, I get angry when …, I fear …, My self- esteem is low when I. Put these lists aside and take a look a few hours, or a day later – this list of words are a powerful symbol of YOU. Take the negative words and crumple them up and put them in the bin, you can conquer your fears! Take all the positive words and learn that these are vital life affirmations for yourself and say them daily upon waking. If you believe, you can have what you desire. Stay positive and visualise the outcome you’re hoping for. You’re growing and again have come into your own, there is a new path whether it is a new career or a business partnership or simply a new way of living. It’s important to stay grounded at this time and not get whisked away by all the magic occurring around you. Life is magical, especially when you know you can manifest and achieve your goals and dreams. It all unfolds with perfect timing, trust your intuition. Coming up to the full moon in Sagittarius forgive yourself or someone else and free yourself from the blame game, forgive and let it go. There will be more freedom and movement in your life by leaving the past in the past and looking to the future. There’s that possibility new love may come knocking on your door. 
Have a lovely weekend filled with love and light! – Kat ❤️✨🌈
Please feel free to share as you never know who’s day you may brighten by sharing this message. 


Katrina Rowley is a certified Angel Card reader, Intuitive Soul reader, Holistic Counsellor and moon devotee. 

Email: katrina.rowley@optusnet.com.au





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