Acceptance to move Forward  

Crystal Intuitions Weekend Reading 28th & 29th of May
Acceptance, Fork in the Road & Compromise.
Ah the conclusion of the week! We’ve been receiving these messages throughout this week so now you’ve reached a crossroads where a decision needs to be made. But firstly there’s a need to accept where you are now. You cannot change the past or simply change everything you do not like, and certain things must be tolerated in this lifetime. Is there anything or anyone in your life that you are currently rejecting? Accepting your life is the best thing you can do right now. As you may be rejecting something/someone that’s necessary for you to get to the next step. As for your next step, do you go left? Or do you go right? The choice is yours, no ones going to make it for you. Be present, be clear and be focused. It may mean that you have to compromise with others, but be open to cooperation that would allow you to get what you need while also assisting others in fulfilling their desires. Respect everyone’s viewpoint and still be true to your own. Take heart that no matter which path you choose (as there really is no wrong path!), you will have a rich and meaningful experience. Sending you all love and light – Kat ❤️✨xx
Please feel free to share as you never know who’s day you may brighten by sharing this message. 


Katrina Rowley is a certified Angel Card reader, Intuitive Soul reader, Holistic Counsellor and moon devotee. 



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