New Moon in Taurus & Seeking and Finding 

Crystal Intuitions Card of the Day 6/5
Taurus New Moon & Seeking and Finding 
Today’s New Moon is rather special for she is in her element and is exalted in Taurus. You may feel like treating yourself to some of your creature comforts and enjoying the luxurious feeling that this brings. Archangel Chamuel is linked with this moon and is also associated with helping people find love and seeking and finding many things. So it’s quite appropriate that today’s card is ‘seeking and finding!’ You may feel like the butterfly flying from flower to flower, searching for what’s next. This card reassures you that you will find what you’re looking for. Set your intentions and new moon wishes with the feeling of success! Visualise yourself in the moment of attaining whatever it is you want; feel the excitement of the process and feel the fulfilment it brings as if everything’s accomplished. Look within yourself to find great love and beauty. Put only love into any thoughts and feelings you have about your future. Ask for guidance from the angels and Archangel Chamuel to lead you in the best direction. Anything you are seeking is seeking you also. Trust that everything that is rightly yours already belongs to you spiritually. Archangel Chamuel can also assist with goal setting, self-esteem, seeking better paid work, lost objects and in finding your soul mate if you wish! Enjoy the day and all that this New Moon brings. Happy wishing! 
Crystal for Archangel Chamuel is fluorite.
Additional meanings: Finding a lost object. Reunion with a long-lost loved one. Discovering your Divine life purpose. Meeting your soulmate. Meditation. 
Sending you all love and light – Kat ❤️✨xx
Please feel free to share as you never know who’s day you may brighten by sharing this message. 


Katrina Rowley is a certified Angel Card reader, Intuitive Soul reader, Holistic Counsellor and moon devotee. 



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