Patience and the Virgo Full Moon

Crystal Intuitions Card of the Day 22/2/16
Patience and the Virgo Full Moon
Ever feel like a child having a tantrum? Or Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ‘I want it NOW!’ This world is so full of immediate satisfaction everything happens NOW. Today we are being guided by the Angels to have ‘patience’ the things you desire aren’t quite ready yet to emerge into your life. Be patient with the current circumstances and people in your life. This is one of the most important lessons to learn and the better you get at it the more happiness you’ll have. 
Today we have the Full Moon in Virgo, this is where we can manifest from our earthly garden, yet patience is required to do so. Virgo is of the here and now. Being where you are and letting go of what’s not allowing you to settle in to be comfortable with who you are. This is a time of clearing, simplifying and purifying your life and allowing the new experiences to come in when you are ready.  
Please feel free to share as you never know who’s day you may brighten by sharing this message. Enjoy your day. Sending much love and light to you all! – ❤️✨Kat xx 
Katrina Rowley is a certified Angel Card reader, Intuitive Soul reader, Holistic Counsellor and moon devotee. 




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