Nine of Fire – Just keep on going! 

Crystal Intuitions Card of the Day 3/11

Nine of Fire 
It’s been a long road this path of change, you may be feeling tired and weary. Nine of Fire is advising that now is not the time to give up! You’re a fighter and you’ve worked hard to get to where you are. Defend all that you have created or earned and keep going
You have a new awareness in which you’re experiencing in your days and nights, a new understanding of your complex needs. Use your wisdom and stamina to bring this situation to an agreeable conclusion. However it’s important to be open to other people’s point of view. 
Crystals to assist with stamina and courage: carnelian, red amethyst or if you have amethyst use it with hematite which bolsters it with the additional energy of courage and inner strength. Sunstone.
Additional meanings: Being prepared. Physical strength. Feelings of paranoia. Tiredness. 
Please feel free to share as you never know who’s day you may brighten by sharing this message. Enjoy the your day. Sending much love and light to you all! – ❤️✨Kat xx 
Katrina Rowley is a certified Angel Card reader, Intuitive Soul reader, Holistic Counsellor and moon devotee. 




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