Kat’s Crystal Intuitions Card of the Day – Effort 26/Oct.

Crystal Intuitions Card of the Day 26/10
We are now out of Mercury’s retrogrades shadow and things should now start to be clearer. This last week of October is a power packed one as we have the last Super Full Moon for 2015 in Taurus. It’s a good idea to re-examine your life and look at what no longer serves you or what may be holding you back, as it’s now time to let it go with tomorrow’s Full Moon. If you’re on track, this is going to be a liberating time where we are finally moving forward.
This isn’t going to be as easy sailing as you might think, effort is required for you to overcome any current obstacles or challenges as you’re being tested, and attitude is key. So don’t rest on your laurels and become lazy, frustrated or give in to self- pity and negativity, utilise your inner power, for you are stronger than you think! 
‘When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!’ May well become your mantra so pull yourself together and have faith in your success. Start planning, focus and use all your inner and outer resources to achieve the outcome you desire. With effort and determination, you will break through all restrictions that have been holding you back. Never, ever give up…….and your success is guaranteed! 
Please feel free to share as you never know who’s day you may brighten by sharing this message. Enjoy the your day. Sending much love and light to you all! – ❤️✨Kat xx 
Katrina Rowley is a certified Angel Card reader, Intuitive Soul reader, Holistic Counsellor and moon devotee. 

Email: katrina.rowley@optusnet.com.au





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