New Moon in Libra – Dream and think BIG! 

Kat’s Crystal Intuitions 
New Moon in Libra – Dream and think BIG! 

Leading up to Tuesday’s New Moon in Libra is the perfect time (especially now Mercury is moving forward again!) to get clear about your life:

– What do you want to do?
– Where do you want to go?                 – When do you want it done by?

Some people find clarity to these questions by meditating. Sitting peacefully ask yourself these questions, be patient and see what comes to the surface. Then write your New Moon wish list. By doing this you are ‘sowing your seeds’ and setting your intentions for the next month. 
Interestingly the New Moon, the Sun and Mercury are all stationed in Libra. Mercury the planet of communication asks us to be tactful and diplomatic in our dealings with others as the Sun sets a social scene of collaboration and negotiations based on trust and fairness. Equal and balanced is what the scales need to be in our everyday lives. Jupiter and Pluto the planet of transformation are asking you to dream and think big! Let go of the fear that’s been holding you back and jump in and take hold of the opportunities that are coming your way! 
If you have been going through difficulties in relationships or business partners ask ‘how can you both get what you want in a way that makes you both happy?’ We are looking for a win-win outcome here as Mars in Virgo is about practical solutions and problem solving. Talking about love singles may find someone in the office being flirtatious. 
Saturn in Sagitarius would like you to take your mind more seriously; finishing or going back to school, reading some great literature or travelling someplace that challenges you. 
This really is a time of reinvention, change and thinking big so you may be changing your appearance, moving houses or ending relationships but this time around you are doing this authentically. 
There is a societal yearning for clarity, compassion and healing, all you have to do is watch the news to see this. Confronting and examining the ideals and illusions of the big picture and the smaller will see you questioning the motives of others and yourself. Are you living in denial, drinking too much, taking naps etc. Are you leaving yourself open to those that are in pain and suffering or are you shutting yourself off from compassion. Can you forgive those that have betrayed/hurt you or those that have hurt you in secret shameful ways? Remember you are in a transformational phase and starting to leave the old patterns behind. 
Now is the time to heal and take the reigns of your life, step up, step out and start living your new authentic life and write those New Moon wishes! 
Much love, light and New Moon blessings to you all! – Kat ❤️✨🌝
Katrina Rowley is a certified Angel Card reader, Soul reader, Holistic Counsellor and moon devotee. 

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